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3 & 5 Step Microscopes 
Office Microscopes  
Top features:
  • Designed by ENT's for ENT
  • Ergonomic, comfortable access to your patient
  • Trendelenburg position standard
  • Automatic Presets / electric break optional
  • Medical grade electric motors
  • New "Comfort Soft" cushions 
5 ENT Models to choose from  
ENT Exam Chairs 
Top features:
  • 3 or 5 Step Microscopes- magnification options 2x to 17x (3 step) or 1x to 34x (5 step)
  • Floor, wall or ceiling mounting available
  • Soft move breaking system for smooth reliable motion 
  • Binocular, beam splitter & video options available
  • Conserve space by mounting on the Optimus TC
Top features:
Premium standard treatment cabinet, constructed of powder coated aluminum and medical grade glass to last for the long term. While providing the sleek look and high functionality that you have come to expect. This durable construction will outlast the others.
Standard Treatment Cabinet
Premium ENT Treatment Cabinets 
Top features:
Durable all metal construction for long lasting performance. Conserve space in your office and consolidate your video and treatment cabinet into a sleek one piece solution. Optimus will also allow you to consolidate your microscope, video & TC in one small footprint!
Premium Instruments 
German OR Grade Stainless Steel  
Top features:
  • German OR Grade Stainless Steel
  • Full line of ENT instruments for office & OR
  • Superior German designs and patterns
  • Best in industry product warranty
  • Repairs available upon request for all brands
Rigid & Flexible Endoscopes 
Pediatric & Adult ENT Scopes  
Top features:
  • Pediatric- 2.6mm Flexible  and 2.7mm Rigid scopes
  • Adult- 3.4mm Flexible and 3 & 4mm Rigid scopes
  •  High quality German construction- autoclavable
  • Full range of sizes and angles of view
  • Superior visualization, durability and illumination
Camera & Video Solutions 
SD & HD Video & Image Capture
Top features:
  • 50W, 100W & 300W LED Light Sources
  • Medical grade professional OR light sources
  • Office turret & portable light sources
  • Fiber Optic Headlights
  • Wireless & battery pack Headlight options
LED, Xenon & Halogen Options  
Light Sources & Headlights 
Top features:
  • High Quality video options across pricing spectrum
  • Full HD & SD Video options avaialble
  • Portable wired HD & wireless SD camera systems
  • Full tower or individual components available
  • Live-Feed, Image Capture or video options
Procedural Accessories 
ENT Producedural Accessories
Top features:
  • Dual Source LED Stobe Light
  • High Quality HD & SD Cameras for use with strobe
  • Phase and slow movement function
  • Optic condensers of 4 elements concentrate the light to produce bright, stable, and precise images 
  • Control the speed or phase with a pedal
Stroboscopy- Dual LED Light Source
Top features:
  • High quality US manufactured ventilation tubes
  • Denver Splints, Breeze (Doyle) & Bi-Valve splints, etc
  • Epistaxis balloons, Rhino Rocket, nasal packs & more
  • AbsorbENT nasal & sinus packing
  • Myringotomy blades & handles
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